Your guild staff, who they are, what they do.

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Your guild staff, who they are, what they do. Empty Your guild staff, who they are, what they do.

Post  Everdeen on Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:38 pm

This post is to familiarize you all with those who give up their time energy and RL money everyday to help make this guild a success.

GM - Everdeen: Being the GM I handle all things guild related. Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? I'm your man.

Officers - BIten, Whiska, Metropolis, Jekll, Cptkaos: General management, questions, concerns, unruly members and the like.

Website - Whiska: Site Designer/ Main Admin, having issues logging in? Need something changed? Ask the Whisk.

Group 1 Raid leaders - Mysticjasmyn, Caerulean: These guys are in charge or organizing and calling Raid Group 1. Setting up the events here on the site as well as the in game calendar.

Group 2 Raid leaders -

All officers listed here can preform General management, and are not limited to just those functions. This guide is just to give you a better idea of your guild staff and their specialties.

~ Gm Ever alien

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